Who are We?

We are a team of licensed surveyors, engineers, CAD/BIM veterans and field technicians focused on accuracy.

We employ the latest long-range 3D laser scanning equipment and practices to address unique project challenges with unmatched speed and precision.

Based in Cincinnati, TrueScan has offices in Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

TrueScan has completed hundreds of projects in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Washington, California, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Mississippi, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Alabama, Georgia, Wyoming, Puerto Rico and counting.

Truescan3D has completed hundreds of projects in Alaska, California, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Mississippi, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Alabama, Georgia, Wyoming, Puerto Rico and counting.

David Cox, PS

Director of Geospatial Services

David is responsible for leading all the operational and business related functions of TrueScan. Utilizing his 35 years of experience in land surveying, David directs all aspects of our reality capture and building documentation services with an advanced understanding of control network geometry.

Kevin Foster is the Truescan3D Sales Lead.

Kevin Foster

Sales Lead

Kevin brings more than 20 years of experience in business development, project management and site design experience in the architecture and engineering consulting services industry. Among other duties, Kevin helps facilitate client relationships.

Brendan Welsh

Brendan Welsh, PE, PS

Group Leader

As both a professional engineer and professional surveyor, Brendan understands the intricacies of a project from start to finish. As a project manager, Brendan is able to consider the big picture and ensure information is delivered quickly, accurately and within budget.

Jared White

3D Modeling Lead

Jared graduated with a degree in Architecture and has since worked with hundreds of clients with various needs regarding long-range scanning, and other metrology services. He uses his knowledge of architecture to ensure the models created are accurate and user-friendly.

Tim Stamper

Scanning Lead

Tim has been involved with the 3D Laser Scanning since its inception at The Kleingers Group. His 11 years as a surveyor means he has years of experience collecting and analyzing data, giving him the additional experience and knowledge needed to complete projects accurately.

Marlon Rustand, LEED GA

3D Modeling Specialist

Marlon, brings over 10 years of experience in the architectural industry to the TrueScan team as a 3D Modeling Specialist. His experience and industry knowledge allows him to better communicate, translate, and document existing conditions to our AEC clients.

Kirk Kohlbrand, PS

3D Scanning Technician

Kirk is a licensed surveyor in Kentucky and has years of experience in a variety of complex environments. He has worked with TrueScan for the past several years.

Tom Riedel

3D Scanning Technician

With more than 20 years of survey experience, Tom understands how to complete projects quickly and efficiently. He assists on-site with data acquisition and processing, survey control and safety.

Charlie Hammer

Survey Crew Chief

Hardworking and driven to learn. Charlie has been working in the survey field for nearly seven years. He recently joined the TrueScan team and is applying his survey experience in initial control and data collection processes.

Rick Hardesty

Survey Crew Chief / Scanning Technician

Rick brings 20 years of experience with 10 plus years of topographic mapping and surveying to the TrueScan team. He is responsible for collection of field data using laser scanning, data registration and preparing it for clients use. His years of experience has given him an eye for details which helps him understand the complexities of a construction site and collect key information that others might miss.

Terrance Figgs

3D Modeling Technician

Terrance models buildings, plants, factories, pipes, and residential buildings. Terrance constructs interior details ranging from simple generic models to extremely detailed historic stained-glass windows on churches. He creates custom Revit families and materials as needed, lends help with registering point clouds, and occasionally goes in the field to scan buildings to create the 3D point cloud model.

Brandon Blevins

Crew Chief / Scanning Technician

Brandon is a licensed drone pilot and has five years of experience with laser scanning, drone operations, construction survey and layout. He is responsible for data collection through laser scanning on a variety of sites, registering the data and preparing it for the client’s use. Brandon’s familiarity with working in a variety of complex environments gives him the knowledge and necessary skills to work on scanning projects of all types and sizes.

Industrial Facilities

3D laser scanning is fast, safe, and non-intrusive — minimizing or eliminating costly downtime.

MEP Spaces

Accurate to within a few millimeters, 3D laser scanning improves accuracy and reduces or eliminates oversights, clashes and material waste on mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects.

Architectural Projects

Laser scanning helps you understand your building the day the project starts, keeping you from relying on outdated or inaccurate drawings.

Healthcare Projects

Most hospitals are not straightforward and more complex than traditional buildings. Capture all the information quickly, accurately and without return visits.

Construction Sites

Nothing is ever built EXACTLY as planned. Laser scanning gives you real-world information that helps you make informed decisions about your project. Ongoing laser scanning helps you confirm details as your project moves forward, before mistakes become costly.

Retail Projects

Get accurate information quickly. Laser scanning is much quicker than hand measuring and can reduce project schedules.

Historic Preservation

Preserve historic building details. Laser scanning provides a much higher level of detail than hand measuring, allowing you to capture, preserve and reproduce intricate building details.

And Many Others…

TrueScan also specializes in laser scanning for a variety of other industries including sport and entertainment venues, roadway and bridge projects, and many more specialized applications.