Client Tip: Use ReCap for Easy Access to Data before Importing into Revit

By June 16, 2016 August 31st, 2016 Learn

client tip light bulb With every set of data that TrueScan supplies in .rcp format, TrueScan also provides a link to ReCap, a free Autodesk program which makes it easy to view the .rcp file.

TrueScan provides data to its clients in their requested format, ensuring data will work with whatever program they are currently using – most often, Revit. But many of those programs do not allow users access to the full range of capabilities included with a .rcp file.

For instance, Revit will only allow users to view point cloud data in an orthographic view.  Users are unable to “go inside” and move about the 3Dspace – instead users can only view a space from the exact location the  scanner occupied when it captured the scan data.

By implementing ReCap into the workflow, users can get a better feel of the space and understanding of the data before they import it into Revit. If they like, they can also create their own fly-throughs. With only a few buttons, it is also a much more basic and intuitive program for users who aren’t familiar with working with point cloud data.

TrueScan provides a link to ReCap every time we deliver data to a client. Additionally, our staff will happily work with clients one-on-one to show them how to use it and the data provided to get the most out of their experience. Contact us at or (513) 755-8733 for more information.

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