3D Modeling Services

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How Does 3D Modeling Work?
A 3D model that's developed from 3D scanning helps you design confidently - all but eliminating errors associated with old building plans and manual work in the field. As a BIM company, TrueScanTM can either begin with a laser scan of your existing point cloud. After that, we'll turn that information into an extremely accurate 3D model of your building, room, or structure. Contact us today to learn about 3D modeling services.
We start with data you provide or conduct a 3D laser scan.
TrueScan delivers a pristine model in CAD or Revit.
Training ensures you design confidently.
Eliminate errors, change orders and wasted time in the field.

What Value Does 3D Modeling Provide?

  • Discover unknowns
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Reduce change orders
  • Manage project risk
  • Maintain project schedules
  • Work in Revit, CAD, or the software most familiar to you

TrueScan starts every model with 3D scanning or a point cloud you provide. While other 3D modeling companies may start with measurements taken from a tape measure, TrueScan always starts with 3D scanning. The result is a HIGHLY accurate model, versus a model that may contain inaccuracies before design ever begins. Unfortunately, true BIM companies are still rare in the AEC industry, and Revit modeling services are not yet standard practice. TrueScan’s highly accurate models capture what you didn’t know you needed — giving architects and engineers confidence in their designs every time.

Our 3D Modeling Services Are Located in The United States.

Unlike some 3D modeling companies, we never outsource our Revit modeling services to foreign companies. All of our technicians live in the United States and work closely with each other. As a result, we maintain precision and control, while many 3D modeling companies search for a cheaper alternative. In addition, if you use our BIM services, we’ll give you the training to ensure you know what to do with your data. We want you to use your model confidently, for the best experience possible.



Our Revit Modeling Services Take Your Point Cloud to The Next Level.

While we offer 3D scanning services and are happy to scan your building, we’ll also work with your existing point cloud if you already have one. Our BIM services take your point cloud and turn it into a precise and accurate 3D model. That model is the basis of design and replaces outdated blueprints and AutoCAD drawings as a starting point for all architectural and engineering designs. The model provides the ‘linework’ that enables the measurement and interpretation of spaces. Need some training on how to use the model you’ve just received? Don’t worry, we can help with that too. Need your model in software other than Revit? We can also provide Catia, Tekla, Rhino, or other modeling services if you prefer.

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