How can laser scanning and 3D modeling benefit an exceptionally large design and construction project on an active hospital campus? That’s the question the design team asked when they reached out to TrueScan about the Washington University Medical Center Campus Renewal project. TrueScan had the answers and, after numerous discussions and interviews, the team was selected to provide laser scanning and Revit modeling for the project.

The project goal was to renovate, demolish and create new construction across the 16-block campus of the Washington University Medical Center (WUMC) in St. Louis, Missouri. This included three active hospitals, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and The Washington University School of Medicine. This was the second phase of a long-range project. During the first phase of the project, hand measurements were taken in the field. Existing as-built drawings were used to document existing conditions in most locations. Because most of the buildings ranged in age from 60 to 100 years old, most of the existing as-builts were not correct and existing conditions were not well documented. This led to numerous issues during construction.  The project team decided to use laser scanning and 3D modeling to give an accurate and complete assessment of existing conditions for the designers in Phase 2.

There were 22 buildings included in the scope of work, including three active hospitals. The TrueScan team worked in the field seven days a week for approximately eight weeks. Field teams were rotated every two weeks to give rest for the crews. Scanning work was done overnight, minimizing disruptions to patients and hospital staff. By the end of the project, the TrueScan team had performed 3,500 scans.

TrueScan brought its extensive experience working on healthcare projects, its knowledge of completing large and complex projects to ensure the project was a success. Using their extensive surveying knowledge, an understanding of complex geometries and reality capture technology, the TrueScan team delivered an understanding of the existing buildings that was not achievable by typical field documentation practices.

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